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International Cooperation

18 Jun 2019

This includes the United Nations and Multilateralism in its modern form dates to the related organizations (including the World Bank early nineteenth century and the creation of the group and the IMF), and, as a matter of authorial Concert of Europe, the series of alliances and convenience, the WTO, which does associate processes that kept the peace on the continent loosely with the United Nations [...] Among many other achievements, the first Membership conference, through the Convention for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes, created For most of the World War II period, the the International Court of Arbitration (still in League of Nations was seen as a misbegotten, existence), a forerunner of the International increasingly contentious and ultimately paralytic Court of Justice and [...] Ever since the pioneering leadership of Raul Prebisch, ECLAC, in The World Bank Group (which, in addition to particular, has come to define the “structuralist” the IBRD, the IDA and the International Finance school of thinking and more broadly the notion Corporation also includes the Multilateral of a locally owned and credible institution Investment Guarantee Agency, and the that produces ideas t [...] But flexibility has come in the face of situation has now been greatly attenuated by crisis in Western Europe, not the developing world, the appointment of Kristalina Georgieva, former where the IMF is the junior partner in the troika vice-president of the European Commission, as the of organizations addressing the rescue effort.23 World Bank’s chief operating officer under Kim. [...] Four such endeavours are covered and those in the member countries themselves, in this section: the Shangri-La Dialogue, the with the former pointing to the limited reach of Munich Security Conference, the World Economic the group and economic and political differences Forum (WEF) and the Raisina Dialogue.
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