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Measuring outcomes in the Canadian health sector

4 Nov 2015

In this Commentary, we examine what outcomes measurement is; the state of outcomes measurement in Canada; and offer recommendations so that the generation of better information on health system outcomes can help achieve greater value in the health sector. [...] Outcome measures help to better understand how effectively the health system achieves its goals, support better decision-making by relating investment decisions to outcomes, and better match the delivery of health and social services to the evolving needs of populations and patients. [...] The working with the Organisation for Economic former focus on the symptoms and impact of Co-operation and Development (OECD) on the specific health conditions, while the latter collect development of internationally comparable PROMs information on pain, function, mental health and, and data collection of health indicators for primary more generally, the ability to perform activities of care, ment [...] Established use of PROMs in the UK and increasingly in Sweden and the US. [...] We objectives (in particular, health promotion and see the growth in measuring health outcomes and disease prevention); (iv) supporting action on social disseminating the results as important aspects in determinants of health; and (v) better engaging and improving the value of health services and enabling empowering patients and society at large, including broader change.
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Veillard, Jeremy, Dhalla, Irfan, Fekri, Omid, Klazinga, Niek

Published in
Ottawa, Ontario

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