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2007-2008 second evaluation of the National DNA Data Bank Program : 2007-2008 deuxième évaluation de la Banque nationale de données génétiques : rapport final




Although the direct financial linkage to the NDDB was removed in 2003, with separate funding provided for the NDDB, the BCAs were maintained as a mechanism to “foster the effectiveness of the National DNA Data Bank as a mutual objective” by encouraging the analysis of crime scenes that would better populate the CSI. [...] In effect, the ‘contract’ provinces and territories pay a share of the costs of forensic services to the federal government, while the federal government pays a share of the costs of forensic services in Ontario and Quebec to each of these provinces. [...] In addition, the Committee includes a representative of the Commissioner of the RCMP, the Officer in Charge of the NDDB; and, a representative of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. [...] The approach that was used in the last GOVERNMENT CONSULTING SERVICES Page 4 SECOND EVALUATION OF THE NATIONAL DNA DATA BANK PROGRAM Project No.: 520-1182 FINAL REPORT March 2007 evaluation to demonstrate the extent of the problem, and based on the incidence of convictions for designated primary offences, could not be used a second time due to the high levels of recidivism that may exist in the cr [...] For these reasons, the updated evaluation framework did not incorporate the work required to evaluate the population of the COI and the current evaluation only included a brief review of NDDB statistics to see whether there have been obvious improvements to the population of the COI.


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