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Decolonization and healing

24 May 2006

Post-colonial psychology - the emotional and behavioural characteristics of a colony relating to or being the time following the establishment of independence; the science (or study) dealing with the emotional, mental and behavioural characteristics of a colony relating to the establishment of independence. [...] Limitations A full review of the literature on decolonization and healing among Indigenous people in the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Greenland is beyond the scope of this report, the analysis is based on a selection of books, journal articles, government reports and other publications available in Canada during the time this report was being developed. [...] The final section looks at the success of Greenlanders in maintaining their language, but raises questions about the impact of colonization on Greenlandic culture and the health of the Greenlandic people. [...] The variety of therapeutic combinations in use suggests a powerful commitment to the values of adaptability, flexibility and innovation in the service of healing. [...] The Ebb and Flow of Government Policy In 1926, the federal government asked the Institute for Government Research to undertake a survey of social and economic conditions of Indians throughout the United States.
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