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Persistent inequities in health and social significant national and international attention indicators evident among women who use paid to the health and social conditions of illicit drugs in the DTES (particularly Aboriginal women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside women) are manifestations of the complex (DTES), women who use drugs in this community interplay of social, political and economic repo [...] The project brought together of knowledge through partnership and members of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug empowerment: Users (VANDU) Women’s Group, and academic •. individuals or groups most affected by researchers from the British Columbia Centre the topic of study play an active role of Excellence for Women’s Health, the Women’s in setting the research agenda and the Health Research Instit [...] We interviewed women who had not Primary Health Care Experiences used drugs for nearly a year, and women who identified as using “as often as possible”: All of the clinics in the DTES received both positive and negative evaluations from women •. 83.7% of the women we spoke to smoked crack describing their experiences accessing care. [...] For how women access multiple providers can help example, getting care in a number of places can to re-define what primary health care means and result in a greater number of partial histories, looks like, based on the concerns and relevancies which can in turn compromise continuity of care of women who use drugs in the DTES. [...] Other women stated that to be “late” for theirs: if the person waiting the imposition of waiting for a long time to see steps out for a cigarette, to get something to a doctor was more frustrating for the fact that eat, to get fresh air, or to use a bathroom, they that they were “rushed out” when they did finally will miss their “turn” because they didn’t come get their turn, as Tamara states: “th


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