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A national approach to meeting the needs of GAR children and youth within the Resettlement Assistance Program




CIC and its RAP Working Group now wish to develop a national strategy to meet the “immediate and essential” needs of GAR children and youth within the RAP context. [...] Basic Overall Needs of Children and Youth GAR children and youth are like all youngsters in that to develop as full contributing members of society they need food, shelter, and a sense of safety, belonging and love/ support from their parents and extended family. [...] Children need to get to know their parents and other members of the extended family or household, spouses need to rekindle the bonds that brought them together in the first place, and everyone needs to find comfortable ways of living together again as a family. [...] Furthermore, some parents are unfamiliar with the school ______________________________________________________________________ Kappel Ramji Consulting Group A National Strategy to Meet the Needs of GAR Children and Youth within RAP Final Report 15 systems and not aware of the opportunities as their children may not be alerting them to all the notices and take home messages that the school distrib [...] The objective of this component is: To identify the strengths, abilities, values, resources as well as the needs of each GAR child and youth and ensure that the capacities are maximised and the immediate and pressing needs are met within the 12 month time frame.


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