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Transitioning Away From Oil and Gas

14 May 2024

At the COP 28 climate summit in Dubai, 198 governments agreed to transition away from fossil fuels. That means phasing out oil and gas, as well as coal. Yet most oil and gas producers plan to drill more, not less. Some countries are dependent on revenues from oil and gas, or politically entangled with the industry. An unmanaged transition could get ugly. So how do we deliver a fast, fair, and orderly phase-out?
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Olivier Bois von Kursk, Vance Culbert, Megan Darby, Ivetta Gerasimchuk, Natalie Jones, Jonas Kuehl, Greg Muttitt, Angela Picciariello, Farooq Ullah, Paola Andrea Yanguas Parra

Published in
IISD, 2024

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