UFOs Over Canada : Personal Accounts of Sightings and Close Encounters
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UFOs Over Canada : Personal Accounts of Sightings and Close Encounters




UFOs Over Canada presents in highly readable style sixty eye-witness accounts of UFO activity over Canada. For the first time, in one book, contributors from accross the country recount their personal experiences in their own words.

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Unidentified flying objects over Canada : personal accounts of sightings and close encounters
Personal accounts of sightings and close encounters
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canada unidentified flying objects general body, mind & spirit the paranormal unexplained phenomena sightings and encounters

Table of Contents

Cover 1 Contents 8 Preface 10 Fifteen Ships and a Man 32 The Men in the Air 33 An Explanation Was Wanted 34 The Man from the Sky 37 Some New Answer to Our Questions 39 The Steep Rock Sighting 41 It Should Never Have Hung in the Air 51 The Whole Subject of Saucers 57 I Don't Care to Go Beyond that Point 62 Close Encounters of the Handshake Kind 65 A Phenomenon Which Changed Colours 69 A Little Larger than a Star 70 Two Hamilton Sightings 71 It Was Too Low for a Star 72 There Were Windows on Each Side 73 I Thought I Was Dreaming 74 I Saw the Saucer for a Few Seconds 75 A Bright-white Saucer-like Object 76 Three Accounts 77 Something that Looked like an Aluminum Globe 79 The Saucer Glistened 80 They Looked like Miniature Suns 81 I Observed Some Flying Saucers 82 An Unusual Thing Happened 83 Larger than Any Known Aeroplane 84 Incident at Onion Lake 85 The Falcon Lake Encounter 87 Canadians Look Out 93 The Sighting Lasted 30 Seconds 96 The Whole Area Was Lit Up 97 I'd Say it Was the Size of a Barn 99 Much of This Contact Is Personal 100 It Appeared the Size of an Aspirin 103 We Assumed It Was the Star Venus 105 I Saw an Extremely Bright Light 106 It Was Something Out of the Ordinary 109 A Visit by Extraterrestrial Beings 110 About the UFO that Had Been Seen 112 Yes, It Really Scared Me 114 It Issued an Orange Pulsating Dim Light 117 The Object We Saw Was a Silvery Steel Grey 118 The Most Horrifying Nights I Can Recollect 121 Encounter with a Tulpa 125 Then I Saw the Ship 131 It Looked Like a Giant Lizard with Wings 133 These Things Gave Me the Willies 136 Mystical Moments 137 A Strange Phenomenon 139 We Both Noted a Red Light Moving Up 140 A Platter of Light 142 It Is Really a Wondrous Experience 144 A Strange Phenomenon in the Night Sky 146 A Grain of Truth 147 An Alien Abduction 154 Contact 158 A Pendulum Predicts a Close Encounter 173 My Personal Search 181 The Lady and the Man 185 Joyce's Story 198 Rendezvous 205 Appendix A: Chronology of UFOs in Canada 218 Appendix B: "Non-meteoritic Sightings" 228