The Case for Literacy in Alberta - Life is hard when you can’t read


The Case for Literacy in Alberta - Life is hard when you can’t read

24 Apr 2023

Acknowledgements Sincere thanks to Calgary Reads and Rotary Calgary for their support for the writing of this paper; to those who reviewed and edited it and thereby strengthened its key messages; and to the people who contributed their stories and helped the many facets of literacy come to life on its pages. [...] It is at the core of much of the and assist stakeholders to achieve their part work undertaken in the knowledge-based economy and is the skill in building literacy skills. [...] Of the remainder, two-thirds will some need intervention, and the rest will need more Fortunately, there is now an increased focus and funding intensive focused attention.” for literacy in the Alberta school system.50 Teachers have been given the opportunity to upgrade their capacity to Advances in the science of reading have allowed teach literacy and more resources and assessment tools for the d. [...] Reading builds on itself: the more of how complex teaching and learning how to read you read, the more background knowledge and other is.” As one of the students who has reflected on strands of the reading rope are strengthened and the the experience as part of her learning commented, easier it becomes. [...] Language is the precursor to literacy – the more words a child hears in the first few years of life, the more sense can be made from the squiggles on the pages of books later.
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