MARCH 2023 - The Atlantic Canada Momentum Index PPFORUM.CA
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MARCH 2023 - The Atlantic Canada Momentum Index PPFORUM.CA

17 April 2023


It was hard Since the mid-2010s, however, Atlantic Canada to ignore the vitality and cohesion of the has caught a fresh wind in its sails, gathering people, the concentration of post-secondary significant economic momentum and begin- excellence, and powerful connections both ning to outpace the rest of the country in to Canada and, courtesy of the omnipresent population growth rate. [...] The aging of the population, in particular the rising share of the population in the low-employment-rate 65+ age group, is PUBLIC POLICY FORUM 22 THE ATLANTIC CANADA MOMENTUM INDEX exerting a downward effect on the aggregate “Greater employment employment rate. [...] In 2020, The lack of momentum in investment in Atlantic BERD intensity in Atlantic Canada was 0.4 Canada since 2015 is evidenced by the region’s percent of the region’s nominal GDP, or 40 falling share of national non-residential invest- percent of the national average. [...] Atlantic the Gini coefficient in Atlantic Canada was Canada showed momentum in four out of 94 percent of the national average, up from PUBLIC POLICY FORUM 26 THE ATLANTIC CANADA MOMENTUM INDEX 92 percent of the national average in 2008, “In Atlantic Canada, reflecting trends in the Gini coefficient in the two jurisdictions between the years. [...] percent of the population in Atlantic Canada reported a sense of belonging to the local The proportion of persons 12 and over in community, which was 111 percent of the Atlantic Canada who reported they felt a national proportion.

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