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8 May 2023

Let’s Get Going Digital health is vital for healthcare and its governance and legislative framework should be a broader federal government responsibility – not just a healthcare issue. [...] A national framework based on well-designed legislation and regulations from US and European trading partners (and built on decades of work from highly respected standards organizations), using the GDHP, HL7, FIHR and the Cures Ac t as foundation stones, should be built. [...] Federal health agencies and related non-health agencies, such as StatsCan and the Competition Bureau, will need to adapt. [...] One consolidated health agency should manage the governing principles of our national digital health architecture and produce monthly reports around metrics that push forward patient data access, patient care, innovation and competition, costs and efficiencies and, of course, big data and the learning health system. [...] Howe Institute, and Trevor Jamieson is a general internist and the Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Unity Health in Toronto.



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