Inuit-led Economic Development - An Overview of Nunavut’s Blue Conservation Economy
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Inuit-led Economic Development - An Overview of Nunavut’s Blue Conservation Economy

22 September 2023


Further investments in the expansion nutritious food, a lack of culturally relevant job opportunities, and development of new mine sites are likely on the horizon and inadequate housing continue to undercut the pace of recent for the territory and many regional development agencies economic growth in the territory. [...] mate, and rear pups on sea ice; and are also known to swim long distances and engage in “aquatic stalking” of prey.42 Investments in the protection and conservation of marine ecosys- tems can serve as a catalyst for economic growth and develop- Nunavut has the largest population of polar bears in Canada and ment for Inuit communities in Nunavut, but making the business hunting by Inuit is permitte. [...] This includes discussion of the economic and cultural value of keystone species, the role Muskox (umingmak) populations have recently recovered in of conservation as a driver of economic growth and the diversity Nunavut and are again abundant year-round in the territory. [...] Investing in a territorial network the full scope of investment returns, for example, the value of cut-and-wrap facilities to prepare, process, distribute, and of reinforcing Inuit language and culture in addition to the sell country food can tackle one of the territory’s long-standing creation of job opportunities. [...] The plan focuses on ensuring that the beluga population is maintained at a thriving level and to “provide for optimum sustainable harvest of beluga by the Inuvialuit.”117 The protection of the area is integral to the research and implementation of the Beaufort Sea Beluga Management Plan.118 Tourists can engage in wildlife tourism and experience Inuit culture in Paulatuk.

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