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Historians’ Corner | La rubrique Histoire

28 Sep 2023

Inan special- THURSDAY, 2 NOVEMBER, 3:00-4:30PM EST izes in the literary, cultural and intellectual histories of MacKinnon Building, Room 132, University of Guelph the Ottoman Empire and the wider Islamic World. [...] been elected Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada: Anto- “The Paths of Peace: The Holy Roman Empire in 1570 nio Cazorla-Sánchez (Trent); as Seen through the Travels of the Habsburg Court,” Timothy Cheek (UBC); Magda Fifth West Coast Germanists’ Workshop, sponsored Fahrni (UQAM); Joshua Fo- by the German Historical Institute’s Berkeley branch, gel (York); Krista Kesselring University of British C. [...] the Portuguese diaspora in Canada (, the opening of which was attended The History Department by Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, Olivia of Memorial University is Chow, Mayor of Toronto, and Marcelo Rebelo de Sou- pleased to welcome Dr sa, President of Portugal. [...] Michael’s College, in the University We are happy to announce a merger with colleagues of Toronto, in partnership with the Department of in Classics & Ancient History to create the new De- Foreign Affairs of Ireland, will be hosting a conference partment of Historical Studies. [...] The themes of the conference include-- Ireland and the Colonial Apparatus of British North America; Irish Religious Mission and Coloniza- tion; Transatlantic Technology and Migrant Commu- nities; and Post-Colonial Nationalism in Canada and Ireland.
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