Macdonald-Laurier Institute


Macdonald-Laurier Institute

Type Think Tank
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 2010
Location Ottawa, ON Canada Canada
Functions Advocacy, Research
Tags migration economics governance social policy international affairs defense and security taxation and fiscal policy
Summary The Macdonald-Laurier Institute for Public Policy exists to renew the legacy of the two towering figures of our history, and the legacy of all those who had the courage and the wisdom to found Canada. They do this by helping to make poor quality public policy in Ottawa unacceptable to Canadians and their political and opinion leaders by proposing thoughtful alternatives through non-partisan and independent research and commentary.

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MLI: Macdonald-Laurier Institute · 28 April 2022 English

Systems, one of the largest professional service companies in Canada, and the author of a forthcoming new book titled In Defence of Wealth: A Modest Rebuttal to the Charge the …

MLI: Macdonald-Laurier Institute · 27 April 2022 English

It should be noted that interview questions focused mainly on the experi- ence of each individual in the Tigray regional state and their individual cross- border journeys; the recruitment, training …

MLI: Macdonald-Laurier Institute · 22 April 2022 English

China’s economic trajectory and the future of the BRI The BRI was premised on the movement of labour, capital, and materials to BRI destination countries and regions. [...] The crumbling …

MLI: Macdonald-Laurier Institute · 21 April 2022 English

That is why I saw the Conservative leadership campaign now underway as a perfect moment to reflect on the public policy ideas that we have at MLI that might help …

MLI: Macdonald-Laurier Institute · 19 April 2022 English

In Against the Grain, James Scott (2017) describes how grain production contributed to the formation of the first states and the governing cohort. [...] The other feature of a critical …

MLI: Macdonald-Laurier Institute · 7 April 2022 English

As Ainslie (2022) notes, the document “stunned energy company executives and fortified environmental advocates.” He goes on to say, “Not only does this involve a ‘huge decline in the use …

MLI: Macdonald-Laurier Institute · 22 March 2022 English

Control over the out- comes and structure of the country’s economy have been crucial for the Party (Mitter and Johnson 2021), and central authorities are deeply entwined in the PRC’s …

MLI: Macdonald-Laurier Institute · 22 March 2022

In addition, Ken Coates 9 The danger of politicizing the policing of protests looks at the Freedom Convoy’s long-term consequences to the Ryan Alford nation’s future and Stuart Parker examines …

MLI: Macdonald-Laurier Institute · 21 March 2022 English

As the holder of the some of the world’s largest reserves of oil and gas, along with world class deposits of many critical minerals needed for the energy transition, Canada …

MLI: Macdonald-Laurier Institute · 14 March 2022 English

A 2017 Montreal Economic Institute report estimated a net reduction in GHG emissions of 28.2 tonnes from using an EV rather than an ICE vehicle.3 The authors assumed a 10-year …

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