Afghan (Pashto/Dari: افغان) refers to someone or something from Afghanistan, in particular a citizen of that country.The pre-nation state, historical ethnonym Afghan is used to refer to a member of the Pashtun people. Originating from the name of the Aśvakan or Assakan, ancient inhabitants of the Hindu Kush region where the Pashtuns largely still live today. This is also confirmed with multiple historical references, dating from the 15th century and back by multiple non pashtun and pashtun sources. referring to the ethnic Afghans, commonly known as Pashtuns. The word 'Afghan' is of Persian origin to refer to the Pashtun People …



AMSSA: Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Services Agencies of BC · 6 April 2023 French

des réseaux et de favoriser l’adaptation, dans le but de développer un sentiment d’appartenance et de résilience; • Prévoir des dépenses en capital pour la prestation de services informatiques dans …

appuyé ISSofBC pour enseigner l’anglais à 100 aînés afghans, en octroyant un financement de 50 000 $ par année

AMSSA: Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Services Agencies of BC · 6 April 2023

de se renseigner et de passer en revue les 94 appels à l’action de la Commission de vérité et réconciliation Katie Crocker explique que le Sommet de cette année Anastasia …

présenté est le plan • Même si les nouveaux arrivants afghans et ukrainiens Une vidéo de Global News intitulée

HEQCO: Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario · 4 April 2023

(Statistique Canada, 2017). [...] À titre d’exemple, mentionnons la bourse d’études pour étudiants réfugiés afghans de l’Université Western,5 qui couvre les frais de scolarité, les coûts et les frais de subsistance

CCR: Canadian Council for Refugees · 23 February 2023 English

• A meeting with the Senior Advisor of the Office of the Federal Housing Advocate and the Housing Network will take place in January 2023 to discuss the needs of …

emergencies, and advocated for effective response to Afghans. • We drew attention to a lack of equity in the

CIC: Canadian International Council · 16 December 2022 English

This paper explores how state responses to global displacement, commitments to multilateral institutions, and solidarity with Global South refugee hosting states affect democratic norms and international protection standards. It maps …

conflict situations. For example, two million Afghans have been in exile for up to 40 years, while the

Wilson Center Canada · 5 April 2022 English

2 Sanders committed to building the Type 26, and has announced a decision to spend 2.2 billion dollars (Canadian) on radar systems for the first three ships.8 While the Arctic …

pating in the evacuation of both Canadians and Afghans following the Taliban takeover in 2021.) Peacekeeping

AIC: Agricultural Institute of Canada · 28 March 2022 English

The project invites women's representatives, participants from women's networks and organisations, activists, researchers and policymakers to fill in a survey to identify the key impacts of biodiversity loss on women …

.......... 15 29. The Cost of War: 23 Million Afghans Suffer Acute Hunger, 95% Don’t Eat Enough Food +++++++++++++ 29. The Cost of War: 23 Million Afghans Suffer Acute Hunger, 95% Don’t Eat Enough Food MADRID country to the Taliban in August 2021, 23 million Afghans now face severe and acute hunger, economic bankruptcy 30

CDA: Conference of Defence Associations Institute · 9 March 2022 English

Darrell is also the 2021 recipient of the RTDNA’s Hutton Award of Excellence for commitment to the betterment of journalism in Canada, 2021 Recipient of the Radio and Television Directors …

strong and visible advocate for the rights of all Afghans. Ms. Lyons is a diplomat with 21 years of professional

Community Foundation Canada · 14 February 2022 French

Les crimes haineux contre les Asiatiques Les bailleurs de fonds canadiens peuvent répondre à ces valeurs et ces tendances ont augmenté partout au pays (le service de police de Vancouver …

fonds pour soutenir la réinstallation de réfugiés afghans. Fondations communautaires du Canada • communityfoundations

CCR: Canadian Council for Refugees · 27 January 2022 English

This second year of the pandemic had profound effects on the Canadian Council With two major multi-year projects for Refugees (CCR) and those we serve – concluding, we were proud …

resettlement program for information and advocacy. Afghans. CCR continued to hold meetings for Group of 5

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