Biologically, a child (plural children) is a human being between the stages of birth and puberty, or between the developmental period of infancy and puberty. The legal definition of child generally refers to a minor, otherwise known as a person younger than the age of majority. Children generally have fewer rights and less responsibility than adults. They are classed as unable to make serious decisions, and legally must be under the care of their parents or another responsible caregiver. Child may also describe a relationship with a parent (such as sons and daughters of any age) or, metaphorically, an authority …



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love for her father, Reverend Leonard Ilechukwu, who favours her but beats his wife and his other children. She sees his good side: after all, he pays the school fees, and tells her that she, named “the

“What do you think you’re doing? What have these children done to you that made you unleash your wrath “Otherwise what? Do you think I’m one of your children, eh, Leonard? Listen, I may be old and wrinkled Papa and I often did. In fact, none of Papa’s children was as close to him as I was, but Sister Adaora regale us with stories of Lincoln bullying the children in junior classes at their secondary school. way they do it abroad — reading books to sick children in hospitals makes them not miss home. But I

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Invisible Lives chronicles cycles of dysfunction and domestic violence. Using experimental hybrid poetry, Cristalle Smith breaks generational silence in lyric resonance, reflecting on a childhood rife with upheaval and poverty, …

down on jagged rocks. Skulls cracked open and children crawling across the bones whitened in the sun tells my sister one night that vultures steal children away from rust dusted shores of tannin laden Fly away home. Your house is on fire. and your children all gone. All except one, and that’s little Ann frying pan, dance the film Ladybug, Ladybug where children suffocate in a refrigerator, hiding from nuclear

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Resistant Practices in Communities of Sound explores the ways that sonic practices (speaking, listening, recording, etc.) serve as forms of aesthetic and political dissent throughout the literary, artistic, and academic …

school system was assimilation of Indigenous children through replacing their traditional oral culture

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An Accidental History of Canada explores accidents, their causes, consequences, and afterlife, in colonial, Indigenous, and urban contexts, from the 1630s to the 1970s. These investigations make plain that accidents …

Memorial University Libraries. 179 6.3 Women and children drying cod on fish flakes, ca. 1900. Digital Report – Queen Alexandra Solarium for Crippled Children, 1931. Photographer unknown. Hospital Programmes In 2005, Mona Gleason’s important article on children and accidents in English Canada built on the Safety education, she demonstrates, is directed at children and parents and work- ers and less so to business historians, we are interested in work, gender, children, risk, the state, and legal and medical professionals

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relationships, transnational economy, religious networks and legal regulation that enabled agents to send children away from their homes and parents, who often lost sight of them forever.

Mao’s China, 1949–1983 Zhou Xun 3 Young Subjects Children, State-Building, and Social Reform in the Eighteenth-Century Subjects: lcsh: Immigrant children—Canada—History—19th century. | lcsh: Immigrant children—Canada—History—20th century. | lcsh: Poor children—Canada—History— 19th century. | lcsh: Poor children—Canada—History—20th 229Figures and Table figures 0.1 Photograph of four children resident in the Father Berry’s Homes, Liverpool Archives & Special Collections. 4 0.2 lhu: Groups of children photographed at the Father Berry’s Homes, Liverpool

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From 1650 to 1750 the provision of medical care for injured seamen in the Royal Navy underwent a major transformation, shifting from care provided by civilians in private homes to …

embodied soul.7 For example, caring for sick children at home included feeding, cleaning, watching, the surrounding households, and especially the children who attended the hospital’s free school.28 A regime

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From Trench Town to the top of the world — one man's inspiring fight for meaning, dignity, and respect. Tiga’s Tale chronicles the remarkable life of world champion boxer Barrington …

the kind of firm hand you needed to manage five children in the unstructured world of a Jamaican ghetto genuinely loved our father, enough to bear him five children over seven years. Like many men born to Jamaica’s the degrad- ation of the Trench Town experience. Children of all ages regularly played in the main streets (and a little light gossip) while the assembled children did our best to stay out of trouble — and keep punish her child as she saw fit. Even as very young children, we understood that corporal punishment was an

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The story of the audacious showman who built the greatest carnival dynasty in North America.Enter the realm of the carnie king, Patty Conklin, the flamboyant founder of what would become …

other modern conveniences. His four surviving children forced Charles to settle into 12- hour days at her husband’s mother, gave birth to five more children: William in 1896, Catherine in 1898, a stillborn man’s old age security could only be bought with children. In 1904 Charles might have been temporarily laid went back to silk dyeing. The silk mills employed children as young as eight. Charles Jr. had been contributing families, the IWW arranged for as many as 700 children to be cared for by families in New York City

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British Columbia'€™s Provincial Sales Tax harms business competitiveness and investment by taxing some businesses inputs, especially machinery and equipment, distorting consumer choices by taxing most goods but relatively few consumer …

gas, fuel oil, etc.) 230 Prescription and non-prescription drugs, vitamins, and certain other health-care products 210 Children

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Over the past 15 months, Canada'€™s previously tight labour market has softened considerably. The slowdown in the youth labour market has been particularly significant. From January 2023 to May 2024, …

in 2012 by the Canadian National Alliance for Children and Youth noted potential life-long effects from Preventing a Lost Generation. National Alliance for Children and Youth. <

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