Democracy (Greek: δημοκρατία, dēmokratiā, from dēmos 'people' and kratos 'rule') is a form of government in which the people have the authority to choose their governing legislators. The decisions on who is considered part of the people and how authority is shared among or delegated by the people have changed over time and at different speeds in different countries, but they have included more and more of the inhabitants of all countries. Cornerstones include freedom of assembly and speech, inclusiveness and equality, membership, consent, voting, right to life and minority rights. The notion of democracy has evolved over time considerably, …



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It was the first nation in the have a significant impact on the lives of Canadians world to publish a national AI strategy.5 The and the operations of Canadian businesses.”9 … Canadian democracy.48 Policy makers could ask the artificial-int explore XR and XR/AI and their implications for democracy. Policy makers Balsara, Samira. 2022. “Over half

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He is an advisor to the Nonprofit Resilience Lab, and on the Editorial Advisory Board of The Philanthropist, and is the lead author of an annual scan of trends and …

Digital Accessibility 09 Ableism 63 Accessing Democracy: Citizenship, Rights and Participation 10 Population created an incredible resource on this history, democracy to include disability as a constitutionally pro- Service and Social Enterprise DOMAIN 6: Accessing Democracy: Citizenship, Rights DOMAIN 12: Accessibility toward an ethos of accessibility in physical for democracy to function, is not just a matter of physical Accessing Canada SPOTLIGHT DOMAIN 6 Accessing Democracy: Citizenship, Rights and Participation Article

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In the six federal elections from 2004 to 2019 inclusive, the five main parties were the only parties that received reimbursements and,2 other than three 1 Canada Elections Act (CEA), …

and Reimbursement Patterns from 2004 to 2019 (© Democracy Watch: February 2024) Reimbursements of 50 percent

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Freedom of Expression: International Law and the Practice in Myanmar Online Course 18 March – 17 May 2024 The course will consist of a series of nine classes of one …

be taught by staff of the Centre for Law and Democracy (, a Canadian-based international

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$11.017 million out of $25.757 million = 42.8%. [...] $18.897 million out of $25.757 million = 73.36%. [...] $650,000 out of $25.757 million = 2.5%. [...] $13.663 million out of …

Tax Credit by Income Level for 2017 and 2020 (© Democracy Watch: February 2024) While the current tax credits

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In contrast to this high donation limit, the five charts set out below show that the estimated median donation to the five main federal Canadian political parties during the five …

Canadian Political Parties from 2016-2022 (© Democracy Watch: February 2024) In 2016, the limit for a <>. © Democracy Watch 2024 1 percentage of donors donate to more than one party © Democracy Watch 2024 2 – from 1.7 percent of Liberals in calculations of average donations in 2021 and 2022. © Democracy Watch 2024 3 calculations of average donations in 2021 and 2022. © Democracy Watch 2024 4 2022 71.63% 17.06% 6.25% 5.07% 1

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As the figures in Chart 10 show, donors who donated $1,000 or more during 2016 to 2022 made up only one to seven percent of all donors to each party …

Political Parties from 2016-2022 Inclusive (© Democracy Watch: February 2024) In 2016, the limit for a donations they provided to each party. To see Democracy Watch’s analysis of all donations, including donations

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Headquartered understanding of the socio-economic and technological in Waterloo, Canada, CIGI has received support impacts of digitalization and improve the quality and from the Government of Canada, the Government relevance …

intelligence; outer space; digitalization, security and democracy; and the environment and natural resources. The “Artificial intelligence and human rights.” Journal of Democracy 30 (2): 115–26.

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PURPOSE OF THE FORUM The inaugural Urban Indigenous Social Economy Forum aims to amplify the voices of community- driven urban Indigenous social economy initiatives, to educate the social innovation/social finance …

developing a co-op as business model to promoting democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. This session

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platforms for distributing it, has made it possible for → Some features of networked digital media nearly anyone to make and distribute their own media complicate the development of digital …

MediaSmarts. Greenspon, Edward and Taylor Owen. 2018. Democracy explained.” marketing-hate-speech-disinformation-democracy/. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan

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