Economic Theory

Economic Theory is a peer-reviewed academic journal that focuses on theoretical economics, particularly social choice, general equilibrium theory, and game theory. Mathematically rigorous articles are also published in the fields of experimental economics, public economics, international economics, development economics, and industrial organisation. The journal is the official journal of the Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory. Both the society and the journal were founded by Charalambos D. Aliprantis, David Cass, Douglas Gale, Mukul Majumdar, Edward C. Prescott, Nicholas C. Yannelis, and Yves Younes.



Fraser Institute · 14 March 2024 English

Governments are implementing measures to electrify transportation. In Canada, federal policy mandates that by 2035 all new passenger vehicles and light trucks sold have net zero emissions, ultimately leading to …

overall vehicle fleet due to population growth. Economic theory suggests that as marginal costs decline consumers

Agricultural Policy Research Networks · 11 March 2024 English

It is followed by a comparison of the relationship between the coordinates of rice production point of each DMU and the position of the optimal frontier. [...] The technical efficiency …

Christensen, L. R., & Diewert, W. E. (1982). The economic theory of index numbers and the measurement of input

Agricultural Policy Research Networks · 11 March 2024 English

The core research question for this study is ‘which service or services of the CTCS is attractive to its members and likely to influence business growth? This calls for an …

2 ISSN 1596-6216 Emelianoff, I.V. (1948). Economic Theory of Cooperation: Economic Structure of Cooperative

Option consommateurs · 6 March 2024 French

Recourant à la méthode de régression distribuée autorégressive (ARDL), nous examinons les interactions à court et long terme entre la progression des prix alimentaires, la concentration du marché et une …

Analysis. In S. Strøm (Éd.), Econometrics and Economic Theory in the 20th Century : The Ragnar Frisch Centennial

School of Public Policy, University of Calgary · 4 March 2024 English

R E S E A R C H P A P E R Volume 17:03 Federal Business March 2024 Subsidies: Explosive Growth Since 2014 John Lester Acknowledgements This paper has …

Subsidizing Good Jobs Pay Off? In standard economic theory, markets allocate resources as efficiently

CCA: Council of Canadian Academies · 12 February 2024 English

The role of the peer review monitor is to ensure that the panel gives full and fair consideration to the submissions of the peer reviewers. [...] Recognizing the opportunities and …

The republic of science: Its political and economic theory. Minerva, 1, 54-74. Policy Horizons Canada

Option consommateurs · 3 February 2024 French

La faible concurrence dans le secteur de l’épicerie exerce un effet sur le prix des aliments au Canada Élaboré par Carlos Castiblanco, économiste TABLE DES MATIÈRES Introduction - - - …

Analysis. In S. Strøm (Éd.), Econometrics and Economic Theory in the 20th Century : The Ragnar Frisch Centennial

Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy · 1 February 2024 English

The world has been through periodic bouts To understand the challenges Canada faces with this rise of economic nationalism over the last two centuries¹, usually triggered of economic nationalism, and …

bout of nationalism coincides with profound economic theory underlying economic nationalism. Nationalist

C.D. Howe Institute · 29 January 2024 English

Trying to balance the books in the face of a recession caused the Great Depression of the 30s. [...] It suffers from the same fate as a balanced-budget anchor at …

and Canada at $1.2 trillion is no exception. Economic theory provides two fundamental fiscal policy principles accounting-based fiscal anchors with concepts grounded in economic theory. The benefit would be that fiscal policy would

CARDUS: Centre for Cultural Renewal · 28 December 2023 English

Five ways to improve job prospects of folks who’ve served their criminal sentences and want to begin productive employment.An earlier version of this paper was published by Ontario 360, a …

individual-specific information in the latter. Economic theory suggests that markets work better when information

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