Ballistic Missile Early Warning System

The RCA 474L Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS, "474L System", Project 474L) was a United States Air Force Cold War early warning radar, computer, and communications system, for ballistic missile detection. The network of twelve radars, which was constructed beginning in 1958 and became operational in 1961, was built to detect a "mass ballistic missile attack launched on northern approaches [for] 15 to 25 minutes' warning time" also provided Project Space Track satellite data (e.g., about one-quarter of SPADATS observations).



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While 9/11 was understood at the time as a world-changing event in international relations, its uneven aftermath and the long-term effects for North America could not have been predicted. Twenty …

Missile Defense Organization Bmews Ballistic Missile Early Warning System Bnaa British North America Act

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its ballistic missile early warning mission. Accessing information from the U.S. Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS), NORAD’s mission was to assess whether North America was under attack, and

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The first comprehensive study of the Canada-U.S. Joint Arctic Weather Stations, systematically analyzing large- and small-scale aspects from scientific diplomacy to site logistics to understand how these isolated posts were …

BC British Columbia BMEWS Ballistic Missile Early Warning System BT bathythermograph c. circa

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Our research initiatives focus on governance of the global economy, global security and politics, and international law in collaboration with a range of strategic partners and have received support from …

is home to one of NORAD’s three Ballistic Missile Early Warning System radars and it remains the only

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to create a single, effective system of continental air defence…”6 Today, the air breathing threat to North America has returned because of the deterioration in relations of the West with …

Defense Support Program (DSP) and Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) are likely able to identify Ballistic Missile Defense BMEWS = Ballistic Missile Early Warning System C2 = Command and Control = the

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Sometimes referred to as Ballistic Missile Defence of North America (BMD/NA), the proposal for Canadian participation, logically envisioned as an extension of the North American Aerospace The Train Long Departed: …

System and improved ground-based Ballistic Missile Early Warning System radars to provide dual phenomenology-based

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The NORAD solution was the product of several key factors: geography, which made the defence of North America indivisible; the Second World War experience of the common threats posed by …

which include the NWS and the U.S. Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS).28 Certainly, in the case

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The January 2013 Munk-Gordon Arctic Security Program conference, Arctic Peoples and Security, focused on northerners' conceptions of security. What was clear from those who participated is that security, for most …

Pole as well as three overlapping ballistic missile early warning system fans. These ballistic missile systems

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Explore the history of the Canadian air defence of North America during the Cold War. NORAD and the Soviet Nuclear Threat is the history of the air defence of Canada …

the foundation of an operational Ballistic Missile Early Warning System; missile defence assumed a greater

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These are de-nuclearization the 1967 Treaty of Tlatelolco covering Latin America; the 1985 Treaty of Rarotonga covering much of the South Pacific; the 1992 Declaration on the agreements in Denuclearization …

particularly the upgrading of the Thule Ballistic Missile Early Warning System radar in Northern Greenland for

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