Colonialism is a practice or policy of control by one people or power over other people or areas, often by establishing colonies and generally with the aim of economic dominance. In the process of colonisation, colonisers may impose their religion, language, economics, and other cultural practices on indigenous peoples. The foreign administrators rule the territory in pursuit of their interests, seeking to benefit from the colonised region's people and resources. It is associated but distinct to imperialism.Colonialism is strongly associated with the European colonial period starting with the 15th century when some European states established colonising empires. At first, European …



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The position calls for someone with experience in conducting primary and secondary research, establishing and maintaining good relationships with various collaborators; and connecting ideas, dialogue, and feedback to actionable research. …

voices that provide alternatives to settler colonialism in Canada today. Rooted in community networks

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Land and the Liberal Project is an excellent and much-needed accounting of colonialism during the period surrounding Confederation. It challenges nationalistic narratives regarding the formation of Canada

of its founding arguments is that studies of colonialism should not conflate so-called dependencies such convenient solution to the logical affront posed by colonialism to liberal-democratic principles (see also Painter process, superimposing “histories of slavery, colonialism, arrival and indigeneity” (Byrd 2011, xxxvi) historical forms of imperialism and settler colonialism.20 Liberal thinkers have even provided some

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Canada and Colonialism presents the history Canadians must reckon with before decolonization is possible, from the nation’s establishment as a settler colony to the discriminatory legacies still at work

Canada, RG3, 1989-565 CPAJIM REYNOLDS CANADA AND COLONIALISM An Unfinished HistoryCopyright © 2024 Purich Cataloguing in Publication Title: Canada and colonialism : an unfinished history / Jim Reynolds. Names: Participation in the Empire / 119 6 Internal Colonialism in Canada / 161 7 Independence, Self-Government supremacy was widespread and used to justify the colonialism ex- plored in this book. Some of the original discomfort, because racism was fundamental to colonialism, and racist language was wielded as a tool to

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What the World Might Look Like examines the way resilience stories have come to dominate the settler-colonial imagination and explores alternative approaches to resilience writing that instead offer decolonial models …

complicity with racial capitalism and settler colonialism. TheIntroduction 5 idea of resilience, as it “discovery” and, second, that the processes of colonialism and racial capitalism – in which I am arguing component of decolonization. Resilience predates colonialism; it can also be a mode of struggle and survivance efforts to manage the environmental ef- fects of colonialism. As Richard H. Grove makes clear in his book corresponds to the political mood of settler colonialism, as I will elaborate below. First, it’s worth

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Political activist ethnography is a research strategy that reveals how ruling regimes are organized so activists and social movements can fight them. This volume adopts an approach to inquiry that …

and things like oppression, capitalism, and colonialism, for example, are not leviathans that we must

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an international perspective and considers how it undermines peacemaking and is perpetuated by colonialism and globalization. Taking a humanistic approach, contributors argue that celebrating difference

justification but rather as a driving force of colonialism. The Orient was perceived as less civilized, nation- alism, capitalist accumulation, and colonialism/imperialism. Unless these structures are addressed unravelled our human interdependencies— capitalism, colonialism, and the rise of the nation- state idea as the institutionalized globally through the long histories of colonialism and imperialism. Many of the conflicts we are immigration protests in their new homes. Modern colonialism and imperialism, extremely violent versions of

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the covers on cultural representations of sleep to show how they are entangled with issues of colonialism, homelessness, consumer culture, technology and privacy, the exploitation of labour, and the effects

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Inuit children whose situation falls under the jurisdiction of Nunavik's youth protection services, and their families, are not receiving the services they are entitled to receive, concludes the Commission des …

dynamics, neglect, physical and stemming from colonialism, such as poverty, overcrowded sexual abuse, and

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Les enfants inuit dont la situation relève des services de la protection de la jeunesse du Nunavik et leur famille ne reçoivent pas les services qu’ils sont en droit de …

personnes présence de facteurs de défavorisation sociale hérités du rapportant des pensées et comportements suicidaires39. colonialisme

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In doing operations into the purview of the land in question — in so, they take on a similar tone to the kinds of agricultural this case, through the prospect …

proponents describe the either entrench settler colonialism and the neoliberal food land as holding “untapped agriculture with In the context of ongoing settler colonialism, private property is not new or unique to this consolidation, and/or privatization for settler colonialism.16 Although there privatization may become another Technique of Jurisdiction”; Harris, “How Did Colonialism Dispossess? Comments from an Edge of Empire.”

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