Impeachment is the political process by which a legally constituted tribunal, or legislative body charges a public official with a crime or misdemeanor in office . In Europe and Latin America impeachment tends to be confined to ministerial officials as the unique nature of their positions may place the minister beyond the reach of the law to prosecute, or their misconduct is not codified into law as an offense except through the unique expectations of their high office. Both "peers and commoners" have been subject to the process however. From 1990 to 2020 there have been at least 272 impeachment …



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Through his thirty years in politics, Jason Kenney successfully shifted Canada’s political discourse to the right. To do so, he cultivated a burgeoning right-wing populist movement, of which he ultimately …

authoritarian model of Catholicism.” To avoid impeachment, the senate abandoned Kenney’s prom- ise to appeal

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(“Blackfire”) obtained concessions to mine for barite in the municipality of Chicomuselo, Chiapas, Mexico.41 [12] In December 2007, the Canadian Ambassador in Mexico led a delegation to Chiapas, and met …

2009) (Annex 5) [Blackfire (2009)]; Isaí López, “Impeachment demanded for the mayor of Chicomuselo” (June

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Recent political crises in Peru, Brazil, and the United States have exposed a new threat to democracy: electoral denialism, or misleading claims about fraud intended to prevent normal alteration in …

contributed to the impeachment of PPK, his replacement by Martín Vizcarra, the impeachment of Vizcarra and

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Speaking for the ruling imperialist elite as Governor of the Bank of Canada, Macklem declares the economy is not for those who do the work and produce the goods and …

coup against the PT that began with the illegal impeachment of former president Dilma Rousseff in 2016. Its

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And the RCMP had briefed in the early days of the 7 convoy, certainly within the first week, that there needed to be 8 a significant change in the security …

advocacy and I was desperately hoping to try an 13 impeachment on him, but my areas of questioning have all

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Comparison of the Convention and Existing Law [20] The focus in this section is on the differences between the rules laid out in the Convention and the rules on the …

are exceptions to that, commonly known as the impeachment defences. These exist both under the Convention differences. However, the Convention’s approach to the impeachment defences might be seen as slightly harder-to-meet law that a judge could invent/recognize a new impeachment defence, simply as a common law development. While the argument for the recognition of a new impeachment defence was rejected in that case, the decision 33-37 above, which elaborate ways in which the impeachment defences may be slightly wider under the common

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and past Chair of Transparency Collar Crime and Government Investigations, International-Canada Dentons Canada LLP and Chair of Legal Committee, Transparency International Canada [Ferguson’s book] is an … amazing wealth of …

Rouseff was suspended from her position to face an impeachment trial. In August 2016, in a 61 to 20 vote of country’s financial problems—resulting in Rousseff’s impeachment and removal from office.168 After Rousseff’s Rousseff is Ousted as Brazil’s President in Impeachment Vote”, The New York Times (31 August 2016), online: fellow Parliamentarians drafted Articles of Impeachment against Hastings that asserted various abuses winning the support of the House of Commons, the impeachment trial of Hastings commenced in the House of Lords

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For readers of Ronald Wright, Rebecca Solnit, and Yuval Noah Harari, comes a compelling inquiry into our relationship with humanity’s latest and greatest calamity In The Environmentalist’s Dilemma, award-winning journalist …

Canada doesn’t have a single case yet. The first impeachment of the forty-fifth president of the United States testimony had been a major part of Trump’s first impeachment trial, explains five days later why the thing

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COVID-END global horizon-scanning panel Insights from panelists from the panel meeting on 26 May 2021

Understanding the use of political tools (e.g., impeachment) and law enforcement to hold leaders accountable

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and Lamer, Wilson, La Forest and L'Heureux-Dubé JJ.: The rule of law is the very foundation of the Charter and the courts are directed to provide a remedy in the …

of limitation. (2) An estate for life without impeachment of waste shall not con- fer or be deemed to have

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