The Uzbeks (Uzbek: Oʻzbek, Ўзбек, اوزبک‎, plural: Oʻzbeklar, Ўзбеклар, اوزبکلر‎) are a Turkic ethnic group native to wider Central Asia, being the largest Turkic ethnic group in the area. They comprise the majority population of Uzbekistan but are also found as a minority groups in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia and China. Uzbek diaspora communities also exist in Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, USA, Ukraine and other countries.



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intense and violent episode of urban communal violence in Central Asia – the clashes between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks in June 2010. Kutmanaliev explains why armed violence affects some urban neighbourhoods but not others

LCSH: Ethnic conflict—Kyrgyzstan —Osh. | LCSH: Uzbeks—Kyrgyzstan—Osh. | LCSH: Kyrgyz—Kyrgyzstan—Osh. According to their accounts, a growing number of Uzbeks – the largest ethnic minority based in southern a sign of increasing political inte- gration of Uzbeks and their rational decision to play a more active tan’s state TV reported ongoing clashes between Uzbeks and Kyrgyz in Osh. This was the onset of the horrible Kyrgyzstan, June 2010 On 10 June 2010, hundreds of Uzbeks gathered in the central streets in Osh – the largest

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Canada has seen the study of Islamic art and archeology grow steadily over the last five decades, with growth in research and teaching across numerous Canadian universities as well as …

Samarqand. He won and lost the city three times to the Uzbeks and was eventually ousted, necessitating his plan

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A clear-eyed view of the conflict in Afghanistan and its century-deep roots.The war in Afghanistan has consumed vast amounts of blood and treasure, causing the Western powers to seek an …

country. The largest of these are the Tajiks, Uzbeks, and Hazaras, all of whom have suffered varying Pashtun, the language of government was Persian. The Uzbeks in Afghanistan are a Turkic people who were orig- size of their herds. Over centuries the southern Uzbeks, particularly those in Afghanistan, have become Although they speak their own tongue, most Afghan Uzbeks speak ei- ther Persian or Pashto as well. Perhaps many as half a million people, mostly Tajiks and Uzbeks, fled south into Afghanistan around the time of

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The downside of Obama’s policy was the Taliban and the USA”—which perhaps reflected that with more drone attacks and heightened the mistrust between the parties and the fragility of counter-insurgency …

not caused by solely by the invasion of, first, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Hazaras and other ethnic groups. the Soviet Afghanistan in in preventing ethnic Tajiks and Uzbeks from connection with the tense relations between

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This report presents the mining policy framework (MPF) assessment for Kyrgyzstan, with a view to helping the government target its efforts in implementing the MPF.

predominantly ethnic Kyrgyz (73.2 per cent), with Uzbeks (14.6 per cent) and Russians (5.8 per cent) 1 Statistical Committee, 2017). While relations with Uzbeks have been strained for decades, especially during

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The assessment identifies key strengths, weaknesses and gaps in the country’s mining laws and policies, as compared to the international best practices outlined in the MPF, which helps measure the …

predominantly ethnic Kyrgyz (73.2 per cent), with Uzbeks (14.6 per cent) and Russians (5.8 per cent) 1 Statistical Committee, 2017). While relations with Uzbeks have been strained for decades, especially during

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The contributing authors offer fresh perspectives on traditional ques- tions in international relations and comparative politics related to the viii Forward tension between the processes of globalization and integration that …

example Sunni Muslims, non-Sunni Muslims, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Pashtuns, and Baloch, amongst others. These group

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These Western traditions flow from the of achievement for all peoples and all nations, Renaissance, the Reformation and the Enlightenment — the to the end that every individual and every …

Afghanistan, which shares ethnic groups (Tajiks, Uzbeks and Turkmen, at a minimum) and two millennia of

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Observers had long noted the absence of cross-cultural contact in Kyrgyzstan, the weakness of institutional life – both at the government level and at the level of civil society – …

Tensions mounted, especially with the more settled Uzbeks, and a harsh economy compounded the distress. Kyrgyzstan

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PETERSBURG CASE STUDY |9| MODERN MIGRATION AND THE CHALLENGE Of XENOPHObIA IN THE RUSSIAN fEDERATION In spite of great ethnic and religious diversity among the Russian population (the 2002 census …

Chechens, etc.) Peoples of Central Asia (Tajiks, Uzbeks, Kazakhs) 4 2 6 6 Roma 3 3 4 3 Americans 1 1 3 migrants. “The lowest rates were seen among the Uzbeks and Tajiks (three times lower and more) ST. PETERSBURG (29,000). Under the official work permit regime, Uzbeks received 51 percent of quota slots, Tajiks 21 percent stated110 that work permits at that time were held by Uzbeks (over 50 percent), Tajiks (21 percent), Ukrainians 8 0.3 16.6 0.4 Chuvash 1.8 0.1 9.0 0.2 6.0 0.1 Uzbeks 7.9 0.2 3.0 0.1 Georgians 1.6 0.1 1.9 0.1 7.8 0

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